Past Projects

Canadian Disability Policy Alliance [Website]

This project is funded by an SSHRC Community-University Research Alliance (CURA) for which Mary Ann McColl of Queen’s Centre for Health Services and Policy Research is Principal Investigator. Professor Kobayashi is a co-investigator, and Project Lead on the Citizenship research domain.

The CURA is guided by a vision of Canada where people with disabilities enjoy full participation and citizenship, supported by a coherent network of legislation, regulation and entitlements. We propose to achieve this vision with a CURA entitled, “Disability Policy Alliance: Learning Collaborative and Equity Coalition”. At maturity (after five years), our CURA will have achieved the following:

  • Consolidation of a dedicated group of researchers, advocates and policy makers working together to enhance disability policy and overcome fragmentation in existing policy;
  • National teams of researchers, consumers and decision-makers focused on issues of greatest importance to people with disabilities in Canada;
  • Durable links between policy makers at all levels of government, and researchers and consumer organizations;

A powerful multi-disability advocacy coalition supported by sound evidence;

  • Detailed policy scans on major areas of concern in disability policy, disseminated in accessible formats though scientific, consumer and popular media;
  • A cadre of research trainees approaching a career dedicated to disability policy from a variety of disciplines, including law, political science, health services, geography, epidemiology;
  • A plan for sustainability beyond the five years of the CURA grant, continuing to seek optimal integration for people with disabilities in Canadian society.

Over the five years of the CURA, four major policy areas will be addressed: health services, employment, education, citizenship. Specific objectives against which the Alliance can be evaluated include the following:

  • Research: To produce sound evidence upon which to build disability policy in Canada, using a variety of participatory, qualitative and quantitative research approaches.
  • Education/Training: To prepare Masters, Doctoral and Post-doctoral candidates for future research careers in the area of disability policy;
  • Dissemination: To disseminate accessible, evidence-based information on disability policy using the networks of our researchers, consumer organizations and policy partners. Information products from this CURA will include detailed policy analyses, policy recommendations, briefing notes, and advocacy supports for each of the five designated policy areas (health, employment, education, citizenship).

Welcoming Communities Initiative [Website]

Dr. Kobayashi is a member of the executive and co-director of the CURA project for the Welcoming Communities Initiative, a province-wide consortium of universities and communities to address research on immigrant integration and participation in 2nd and 3rd-tier Ontario cities.